K-12 Education by Design

The VCS Method

The Vermont Method

At Vermont Christian School, our mission is to nurture the individual talents of students and prepare them for pursuing a competitive higher education in the U.S. This is achieved through our proprietary STEAM curriculum and personalized teaching style – what we call ‘The Vermont Method’: 

1. Individualized teaching method and PACE curriculum

Unlike schools where students in the same grade follow the same curriculum, Vermont Christian School students learn through an individualized, goal-directed study plan. Students are asked to take a diagnostics test to determine their place in each subject; then, our teaching staff creates an ‘individualized learning plan’ for students to insure they meet the academic requirements for applying to their choice college or university.

Under Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), the conventional textbook approach is divided into bite-sized, achievable worktexts called PACEs, with twelve PACEs making up one academic year. PACEs allow students to move ahead in some subject areas according to their own ability, rather than being held back by age.

Our personalized teaching method and the PACE curriculum have been shown to accelerate students’ academic progress, while aligning both teacher and student towards meeting the unique study objectives of each student.

2. High teacher-student ratio

With a capacity of only up to 100 students, the ratio of teachers to students is quite high compared to most conventional schools. Having more teachers means that students’ progress are closely monitored, and each student receives adequate guidance to improve their academic performance.

3. Emphasis on the 3 R’s 

A high GPA score and good SAT results are both prerequisites for securing a place to study in a top-tier U.S. university and receiving a scholarship offer. Vermont Christian School places a strong emphasis on raising students’ proficiency in the 3 R’s (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic), making sure they attain a grade “B” (80%) or above. Students are offered seven Advanced Placement courses to maximize their competitiveness for obtaining a scholarship.

4. AdvancED Accredited Courses

All courses at Vermont Christian School are compliant with the Department of Education in the state of California, and has received national accreditation through the AdvancED accrediting agency.