Vermont Christian School

VIP International Student Program offers students a strong, academic program planning to go on to four-year colleges and universities

The program includes intense English language classes in

  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Listening and
  • Speaking.

These special language classes are conducted as an extension of the school day.

This special program for our International Students guarantees they will be successful once they graduate from high school and go on to the university.

As an independent Christian school, we take great pride in our rigorous academic program, small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and safe learning environment. 100% of our graduates go on to colleges, universities or trade schools.

Our tuition is amoung the most affordable amoung private schools in our community. But there is no compromising when it comes to our quality, standards-based education. Please contact us for the school's tuition schedule. . Call (310)534-0260 or click here f